SEASONA L STYLIST You v e got to o Make the best 1st impression for us, that s: smile, welcome and connect with customers authentically. o Love us everything about us: the clothes, accessories, shoes, partnerships, styling, stores and above all, our customers. That passion must be evident in your actions, every hour, every day, every week. o Do what it takes to create a seamless, blow her away ...
Be your own boss with gals get going; fitness adventures for women. Provide group training plans to help women achieve a fitness goal. Initial business model was run in Spokane, WA but can be applied to any location. Very profitable, flexible proven business model. Professional website displays current and upcoming teams. Online training program allows member to track their workouts. This...
Original Sin Beauty and Body Art 7804 Central Ave SE Alb, NM 87108 We are looking to fill 2 booths as soon as possible. Must be licensed. Low clientele ok, we provide a ton of advertising to help you. Rent negotionable. Contact Spyder at 505-261-1545
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