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Hello, we are looking for tarps in good condition, any type, even cloth type
My badass farmer/homesteader friend made the frame for this out of metal and the canopy out of real wool. There's a foam pad covered with I think a pillowcase on the bottom, and some little cloth sheets in the cove area. It's super well-made and sturdy. It's quite a nice piece; I just don't have room for it. See pic below.
Had a very large combined estate sale. There is still quite a bit left. This includes clothing, dishes and more. In a second location, roughly five miles away, there are wheelchairs, walkers, canes and some miscellaneous stuff.
2 paper shopping bags with socks, underwear, stuffed animals, random toys and games, little purses, Squishees and who knows what else, lol. Most of the clothing is for girls, but about a third of it is for boys. Age range on the clothing is probably something in the neighborhood of 4-8 years. All in good condition. Please be willing to take everything.
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