Several large branches came down in the big windstorm we had recently. I've sorted the results into 3 long branches (need a chain saw or pickup truck), many 4-ft or so branches, and lots of kindling. (No needles.)
4 drawers, good condition Fair Offer Policy applies
A few pieces of pressed wood, roughly 3 foot by 7 foot, has nails around borders, the rest in decent shape. A few small pieces of 2x4 s in the pile too. I can send pictures on request. I am in Placitas, so you will have to come get it.
Any material s to rebuild my roof. My place caught fire and I need to rebuild it and looking for any decent materials to do so w. thanks everyone
[PROMISED] This has been promised to some one. Homemade toy was for my son who is autistic. He hasn't used this toy in a long time and no longer needs it. Made with wood, foam, and paint. Concept is to squeeze the wooden blocks and place between the slots according to color. Various size in slots. Keywords: Hand / Eye Co-ordination strategic thinking, fine motor skills, and pre-handwriting skil...
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