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I'm n need of a washer my kiddos decided to put 3conforters 5towels as d 7pairs of jeans into my washer and now it doesn't spin or agitate. I work too much too go to the laundry mat if anyone please has one that they are not using, I can really put it to good use . I don't make enough money to buy a new one...
Hello! Looking to see if anyone has a weight bench they're trying to get rid of. Preferably with the "feet" ends thats you can move up and down. I had ankle surgery and looking to do some at home rehabilitation. Thanks in advance
I have three Rottweilers and they love to Trick or Treat! They re looking for dog costumes sizes L to XXL that another dog hates or is sick of! We re happy to do a quick porch pick up at a designated time. Thanks!! Happy HOWL-o-ween!!
I'm looking for a stainless steel waterbath canner with a jar lifter. If you have one you are no longer using, I'd love to give it a good useful home. I might be willing to drive to other areas of town, but hope to find something in the NE heights. Thanks!
Hello, we are looking for tarps in good condition, any type, even cloth type
Looks for a no5 plane, chisels carving knives or other tools for wood working. Equipment needing repair is perfectly ok!
Hello, I'm looking for Cushing, Jacquard, or Dharma acid dyes for wool and other natural fibers. Thank you for your consideration!
I'm building my home and can use any materials. Thank you
Hello, we are looking for sliding glass doors
Hello, we are looking for interior or exterior doors of any kind
Hello, we are looking for trex lumber or any good building lumber
Hello, we are looking for building materials of all kinds
WEIGHT LOSS JOURNEY!!!!!!!! Hello everyone, I am hoping some of you might have exercise equipment that you no longer want or Need. I already have an exercise bike so I do not need that. I have been struggling with my Weight and it is causing many health problems for me. My daughter will be getting married and hopefully I will be a Grandma near future, I want to be here for that. And be more hea...
For a theatre project I need at least 2 with lids. I'll take an empty 6 pack if you have. Thanks
Needed for a theatre project As many as you can spare Thanks
I'm terrible at keeping real plants alive, so I'm looking to create a silk/plastic jungle! Sunbleached totally okay, fake plants/flowers of all sizes welcome!
My dear friend is bringing her adult Daughter home at the end stage of her life and is in need of a wheelchair to help her get to & from the bathroom. In addition, she is in need of a shower chair and any other medical supplies one would need to care for someone at the end stage of their life. If you have one that is no longer need it would be a great blessing during this difficult time. Your c...
Wanted video game cartridge like the old Nintendo type for a theatre project.
Just looking to see if someone has a set of LS2/LQ9/LQ4 floating pistons laying around before I bout another set. Let me know what you have!
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