Im looking for a decent sized pear tree branch (or perhaps a fallen tree?) to do some wood turning with. Thank you!
I am looking for an Adult Walker for my 94 year old Father. The one he has is very old and falling apart. Please let me know ASAP.
Looking for all 4 doors (preferably, or at least the front 2) for a Jeep Cherokee. Other spare parts are appreciated as well- inexpensive or free preferred. Want to check here before going to Upull.
I have been slowly redoing my back yard and my daughter asked if we can build a flowerbed. I think Google can help me construct the flower bed but I am in need of bricks. If anyone has bricks in their yard that they no longer want, I can pick them up. Thanks!
My cell phone stopped functioning and cannot afford to get a new one so I am in need of a cell phone that works and is in decent shape. Preferably one that works through Metro.
Looking for a large (or medium) sized cooler like you would use to go camping (to put ic in to keep food cold) that doesn't leak please. Thank you!
Hello we just moved here from the east coast and we don't have any furniture whatsoever. We could use anything anyone can spare especially mattress or chair. Tables, tv, dresser, bed, food. Thank you.
I'm looking for a freestanding punching bag and a barbell set. If you have either and are not using I would be happy to free up some garage space for you by taking them off your hands! Thanks!
Im looking for some smaller pots for planting herbs and one or two medium sized pots for things like squash, strawberries, or bean vines.
Hello! I just moved into a delightful new home. I am looking for any plants big and small that anyone is trying to get ride of. My room is very hot and I'm hoping to cool it down with some green friends. (:
Looking for a working reliable washer and dryer. Willing to pick up.
Looking for a large BMX bike, only need front to be good (rear damage is fine) as I am going to be cutting the front off for a drift trike.
My aloe vera pot has outgrown it's pot and won't stand up properly I need a heavy 12" diameter flat bottomed pot for it. Please.