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Just wondering if you guys have a timeline for those sweet taillights that have been briefly shown?
I ordered a set of the Mopar LED's from Northridge and one of them had something wrong with the adjustment mechanism. Contacted Northridge and they were quick and responsive in getting me a replacement within a week. Thank you!
PM sent a couple days back, but figured I'd try my luck here. I'm looking at the Ace Alloy Driven 20" silver wheel for my 2012 V wagon. 20x9 up front and 20X10.5 in the back. Also planning on lowering with eibachs. Can you send me a quote for wheel/tire package with tpms and also a quote for just wheels. Also do you guys offer powder coating? Thanks!
So I'm sitting here at midnight thinking about purchasing a Bak Industries Cover. I decide to go the the Bak website and look at their product line. I was torn between the Rollbak and the Roll X. While I was looking through the website, a chat box popped up and Morrie introduces himself. I figured that was a "bot" or something, because who in their right mind is up at midnight or anytime near t...
Installed my SLF fog lights tonight in my 2012 R/T. The clips do not hold on very well, despite some pretty forceful pushing. They look fine, but fell out after a short drive to the store. Tried putting original lights back in and they snap in very easily and are very tight - I can t even pull them out if I try. The SLF LEDs come out with the slightest tug. What can I do?
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Mobile auto and truck air conditioning service, EPA 608 and 609 certifications. Call James at 505-304-5739.
Hi, I have about 12 years of diesel truck and trailer repair experience, plus 2 years of training at TVI. I also have 25 years plus of auto repair experience, auto AC repair, I offer reasonble rates, and quality work.I also do have experience in home maintenance and repair.James 505-990-3420
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